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Last Updated 2 years ago offers a variety of different asset types that can be tracked globally. Some asset types offer more features than others. All of these assets are tracked via our Capture Android App. Upon capturing (either triggered by user or automatically when the camera is moved), the app sends the media to our Analytics Cluster, which applies our machine learning magic to detect the asset and get it ready to send it to our Push Event Cluster. Capture Android App

Our frontend app provides multiple ways to capture the asset, including but not limited to Pictures and Picture Burst, Videos and Quick Capture. The capture app also takes into account various other factors such as GPS velocity and frame changes to appropriately start and stop recording.

Smart Capture

All capture types can be triggered via a change in location. This means as soon as the user starts moving, the app starts recording media and starts sending it to our Analytics Cluster to be processed. However, as soon as the user exceeds a defined speed limit, the app stops recording media. This upper speed limit can be configured in both KMH and MPH. This process is completely automatic and once the user taps the record button, the app starts waiting for movement and starts recording automatically.

Capture Types

All of these types affect the asset detection differently. For example, quick capture can be great for VIN Numbers detection but for International Intermodal Container ID, media type should use manual or smart video. Similarly, triggering the capture via GPS is not feasible for certain types of asset detections.

Pictures and Picture Burst

This capture type sends the media in the form of images. This is great for low frame-rate applications where frame-rate is not that important. Images can be taken in rapid succession, with frame-rate being configurable. The highest frame-rate possible with picture burst is 3 fps. If a higher frame-rate is desired, then Videos and Quick Capture capture type can be more suitable for the asset. Picture burst can also take advantage of Smart Capture to efficiently capture the pictures.

Videos and Quick Capture

Videos can have a lot of assets in them, so they are perfect for International Intermodal Container ID type assets. Videos can have configurable resolution, and camera type (front or back) is also configurable. This capture type can also take advantage of Smart Capture feature and thus start and stop recording upon movement detection. Quick capture is a limited time video, and we can configure the time of the video in app settings. This capture type is also suitable for VIN Numbers and Generic Text. Analytics Cluster

When the media reaches our Analytics Engine, it immediately starts processing and detecting assets. The type of assets that are detected should be communicated to our operations team beforehand. All the possible asset types are given below. Some assets perform better than others because inclusion of check digit in asset lexicon can make a huge difference in accuracy. Brief information about these asset types is given below.

International Intermodal Container ID

This type of asset should conform to the ISO6346 standard for shipping containers. This standard includes a check digit for the container ID. For this reason, the accuracy of this asset type is better than others. We can detect both vertical and horizontal type of container ID.

International Intermodal Chassis ID

Chassis can be particularly tricky to detect as they are small and there is no check digit to verify against. Due to this reason, their accuracy falls short of International Intermodal Container ID accuracy. Chassis IDs also are not standardized in font style and font size.

VIN Numbers

Vehicle Identification Numbers that can also be detected even if they're directly behind the windshield. The VIN detection does not support multi-asset detection, so there shouldn't be more than one VIN in a single media capture. A 4 to 10 seconds Videos and Quick Capture is a perfect type of media capture for this asset type.

Generic Text

We also support a regular expression based pattern detection in text in the asset ID. A sample of media should be provided and pattern is asset ID should be clearly communicated with our operations team before configuring this asset-type detection. This mode also does not support multiple asset detection. Videos and Quick Capture should ideally be used for this mode.

Features of all asset types

International Intermodal Vertical IDInternational Intermodal Horizontal IDInternational Intermodal Chassis IDVIN NumbersGeneric Text
Concurrent Processing
Minimum Resolution1920x10801920x10801920x10801280x7201920x1080
Minimum fps1515151515
Check Digit Verification--
Multi Asset Detection--
*updated on 12/01/2022 Push Event Cluster

We can send detected asset IDs to two different types of storage units. A push only REST API URL and a Google spreadsheet. For more information about our exact output to push event cluster visit here.


The REST API URL should be communicated to our operations team. This REST API URL will not be polled, and no webhooks are used.

Google Sheet

A Google Sheet URL can either be provided or our operations team can create one for you. This is the simplest form of data storage that we support.

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