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How much area or footprint does a HoistCam wireless camera use?
Last Updated a year ago

There are several different variants of HoistCam. The footprint or mounting surface needed for each depends on the model.

Mounting surface area needed for the yellow VTB (Video Transmission Box) of an HD147, HD147i, HD187, HD187i, HD197, HD197i, repeater or outdoor VRB (Video Receiver Box) is approximately the size of an 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of paper. An example diagram is shown below. You can estimate the space taken up by placing a sheet of printer paper on the hook block.



  • The HD147 and HD147i will also need approximately 4-inches by 4-inches of space for the wired ball camera.
  • The battery pack (if one is purchased with your HoistCam Platform) will need an equal amount of space as the HoistCam VTB itself.

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