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1x7 Series HoistCam - Operating Two or More HoistCam within Close Proximity of Each Other
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HoistCam works on a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) frequency at 2.4Ghz. If one or more HoistCam are within a close proximity (less than 50ft) to each other, the following variables should be tuned for their environment to ensure a reliable video transmission.

  1. Minimum distance between each HoistCam = 30ft
    1. Less than 30ft distance between two or more HoistCams may cause interference between cameras
  2. Minimum distance from the receiving antenna to the HoistCam = 10ft (30ft or more is recommended)
    1. The HoistCam is designed to be away from the receiving antenna of 10ft. If the HoistCam is too close to the receiving antenna, the signal may become distorted.
  3. Minimum distance and spacing between receiving antennas = 20ft (30ft or more is recommended)
    1. If more than one VRB (video receiver box) is located at a single station or operator's cab, it is recommended that both receiving antennas are at least 10 feet apart and not pointing in exactly the same direction.

The diagram drawn below depicts a recommended layout when using two (2) VRBs and two HoistCams within close proximity to each other.


As shown in the drawing above, please note the...

  1. Proximity of each HoistCam to each other
  2. Recommended orientation of the antenna
  3. Distances from the cameras to VRB (Video Receiver Box).

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