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Mitigating Effects of Rain and Water on HoistCam HC185 Armored Dome
Last Updated a year ago

The HoistCam armored dome is a single, rugged, and rapidly deployable camera system designed to be easy to deploy. To help mitigate rain pooling on the dome, especially in the case of HoistCam systems mounted outdoors and pointing down, HoistCam provides several options for consideration to keep rain from sitting on the dome and obstructing the view from the lens:

1) Install a rain mitigation gasket on the outside of the dome. (Part #: RMGHC180)
2) Convert to an HC145, which provides a lens that would point down and prevent rain from dropping down from the back of the camera and around the lens. (Model #: HC145)

Please contact a HoistCam sales representative for more information.

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