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  1. 1x5 Series HoistCam - Operating Two or More HoistCam within Close Proximity of Each Other
  2. 3G/4G (HCDVRM4M2-xCELL) - If using the internal 3G/4G wireless module for data connectivity, what do I need to pay attention to ensure everything is functioning properly?
  3. 3G/4G (HCDVRM4M2-xCELL) - The 3G/4G signal is intermittent. Can the video signal is lost or there are a lot of frames being dropped?
  4. 3G/4G (HCDVRM4M2-xCELL) - The MDVR is online, but I can not see the video image?
  5. 3G/4G (HCDVRM4M2-xCELL) - The MDVR is properly reporting to the central HoistCam Director Server, but the videos cannot be seen after the MDR has been running for some time?
  6. 3G/4G (HCDVRM4M2-xCELL) - When 3G/4G communication is not reporting or there is no video, what should be done first?
  7. 3G/4G (HCDVRM4M2-xCELL) - Why can the vehicle and video not be seen in the HoistCam Director client when the device has been started?
  8. Black Screen When Streaming Video from Director
  9. Common APN Settings for HoistCam Director MDVR
  10. Director MDVR Constantly Reboots
  11. GPS module exists but no coordinate information is visible?
  12. HoistCam Director Client and MDVR Ports
  13. HoistCam HC180 / HC180i Shadow and Bright Light Adjustment (ATR)
  14. Hoistcam Monitor Flashing White
  15. How do I play videos recorded with HoistCam Director MDVR?
  16. How do I view the live video from the MDVR?
  17. How much area or footprint does a HoistCam wireless camera use?
  18. How to Configure the HoistCam MDVR to Record
  19. How to remove the overlay text from recordings?
  20. I would like to attached a different camera to one of the available video inputs on the VRB.
  21. Mitigating Effects of Rain and Water on HoistCam HC180 Armored Dome
  22. Obtaining the HoistCam Director Application and Installation Key
  23. Re-pairing the HoistCam to the VRB (Video Receiver Box)
  24. Rebooting HoistCam Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) and Verifying Connectivity
  25. Red Light Status Light (Not Red Charging Light) Flashes after 5 minutes
  26. Remote Web Access - FAQ
  27. Reset the Battery Management System (BMS) of the Battery
  28. Storage Usage on the HoistCam Director MDVR
  29. The unit is not recording after an SD-card has been installed?
  30. The video file is missing or there is no video file within a certain period of time. How do I find the video?
  31. What can I do when I find a problem with the MDVR, but I cannot solve it?
  32. What if there is no video output from the vehicle host device?
  33. What size SIM does the HoistCam Director MDVR use?
  34. Why is there deviation of GPS location on the map?

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