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Re-pairing the HoistCam to the VRB (Video Receiver Box)
Last Updated 6 years ago

Follow these steps exactly from the closest location to the receiver antenna to re-pair a HoistCam or TugCam camera to the receiver.

1) Power off the receiver.
2) Power off the wireless camera.
3) Power on the receiver.
4) Power on the wireless camera.
5) Press and hold the pair button on the receiver.
6) Once the red light on the VRB (Video Receiver Box) begins to flash, the countdown on the monitor will start from 45 seconds. Open the HoistCam and press and hold the pair button until the red light flashes on the transmitter.
7) Once the red light on the receiver and on the camera stay on, the two are paired. Close the HoistCam enclosure when done and make sure the two latches are securely sealed.

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