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3G/4G (HCDVRM4M2-xCELL) - The MDVR is properly reporting to the central HoistCam Director Server, but the videos cannot be seen after the MDR has been running for some time?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Try these steps to troubleshoot videos:

  1. Verify that the MDVR system information page shows the 3G/4G connection is connected. If it keeps dialing, the SIM card may have run out of a data plan or the SIM card is bad. Try replacing the SIM card to test.
  2. Confirm that the MDVR serial number has not been modified by the operator. An MDR with a modified device number needs to be re-authorized with the central HoistCam Director server. Please contact technical support if the MDVR needs to be reconfigured.
  3. If the MDVR still does not work by changing the SIM card, contact technical support as there may be a compatibility issue with the cellular carrier.

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