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Red Light Status Light (Not Red Charging Light) Flashes after 5 minutes
Last Updated 3 years ago


The red light on the status indicator flashes after trying to charge the batteries.

Example Video of the problem:


This problem often occurs when the battery is drained beyond the point that the charger can recover the battery.  This is often due to:

  1. Trying to turn on the system after it turns off on its own.
  2. Keeping the battery is a discharged state for an extended period of time.
Recovery Solution:

HoistCam Knowledge Base Article:  Reset the BMS (Battery Management System) of the Battery -

What's Next:

  1. If it continues charging after 10 minutes: the battery has been recovered and should remain on the charger until completed.  Typically 3 hours or more on a full drain.
  2. If the charger flashes red in the 'status' area as indicated above: repeat Step #1 through #6 in the Recovery Solution section above until the battery recharges all of the way.
  3. WARNING: If the charger does not recharge after 5 attempts using the Recovery Solution listed above, the battery or the charger may have been damaged.  Please contact Netarus for further assistance.

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