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Remote Web Access - FAQ
Last Updated 6 years ago

The following are questions to consider when evaluating the remotely web access features for the rapidly deployable wireless cameras from GM Engineering Services:

Option #1: 2-Channel Remote Web Access with SiteCam (WAP - Wireless Access Point)
Description: This includes two wireless access points. One installed on the crane and one installed on-site where internet access is located.
Questions to Consider:
1) Will this be connected to a high speed connection or the company network?
a) Company Network - Has approval been obtained from IT department to connect remotely accessible web access inside of company network?
b) High Speed Internet Connection - Has a NAT router with port forwarding and internet provider installed prior to sending unit from the factory? This is to make sure that the wireless access points are configured in advance to route on the network properly.
2) There must be clear line of site between the wireless access point on the crane and the wireless access point at the internet access site.

Option #2: 2-Channel Remote Web Access with SiteCam (Cellular Web Access)
Description: This includes a single wireless cellular modem that is mounted on the crane.
Questions to Consider:
1) Wireless cellular provider? Provider must be chosen prior to order. Verizon and AT&T must have business plan, dedicated IP address and access to port 80.
2) Wireless cellular plan must be activated before shipped from the factory. Modem is configured at the factor.

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