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Verifying Good Pin Continuity Inside of the HoistCam Antenna Cables
Last Updated 6 years ago

This applies to LMR 400 and LMR 600 cables that are used with the antenna kits for HoistCam.

The connector on the right shows the center pin (see attachments on this article).


The connector on the left does not show the center pin and will not work with the antenna (see attachments on this article).

If the center pin is not long enough (connector on the left), it will not make connection with the antenna and therefore the antenna will not work.


The connector on the right has the center pin at the correct depth.

If using an Ohm meter:

  1. The center pins and the outside shielding should never conduct (or open).
  2. The center pins should always conduct (or closed) with each end.
  3. The outside shielding should always conduct (or closed) on each end.
The glue looking substance inside the connector is called dielectric grease and should be inside the connector to protect it from the elements.

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